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First Day at ELA

Here at English Language Academy we understand the difficulties of starting a new course in a new country.

No Problem!

Our team of friendly, professional administration staff are here to assist with all of your queries and doubts, on arrival.

All students should present themselves to the School on Mondays (except Bank Holidays) Registration commences at 10.00am at English Language Academy, 73, Capel Street, Dublin 1.

A detailed placement test is given to you to assess your current proficiency level. An appointment will be made for your placement test, when you arrive to register.  

Our friendly and helpful Student Consultants will guide you through orientation and assist you with any queries you may have regarding the School as well as information about Dublin etc. You will also be given a copy of the ELA Student Handbook and a Welcome Pack.

 After you complete yout placement test, you will then be placed in the appropriate level, based on the results of the test. We will inform you of your class time periods by email.

Please note that you must book and pay for your external exam prior to starting your course. The external exam fees are not included in your course fees.

Please be aware that under Immigration rules, students are unable to change class times once their course commences.

Students must also request holidays in advance of the commencement of their course. Holidays must be taken in minimum blocks of four weeks, and can only commence once you have completed eight weeks of your course.

All students are expected to be on time for class as students arriving late cause a distraction, to both the teacher and other students. If you arrive more that 15 minutes late for class or leave more than 15 minutes before the class, you will be marked absent for the full first/second segment of that particular class.

All mobile phones must be switched off during class and English is the only language permitted in the School Building. At peak times, classes take place in the Teacher's Club which is a 5 minute walk away from the main School Building.

Placement Tests
The ELA placement test consists of a multiple choice grammar test, written composition test, and short spoken interview. This test is essential to determine your exact level of English, to ensure that you are placed in the class group most suited to your particular level. We operate a material resources rental scheme for coursebooks at ELA which all students must sign up to and pay for. The fee also covers any supplementary materials and photocopies you will use in class as well as any library books. Our reception staff will explain the procedure to you on arrival in more detail.

Procedures for visa students
On arrival at Dublin Airport, you will reach the Immigration desk where you are required to show your documents to gain entry. You’ll see two queues, one for Europe (EU passports) and the other for non-European passports. Remember to have all your documentation required for entry into the country ready - your ELA Enrolment letter, your passport, accommodation details, return flight ticket and evidence that you have access to €3,000 in cash during your studies. We can arrange your private medical insurance policy and will include details of this in your enrolment letter.

How do I get my student visa card?

The Immigration Officer will issue you with a green card after he / she stamps your passport. This card entitles you to enter the country as a student. It also states that you must present yourself in person to the Garda National Immigration Bureau within 30 days of your arrival to formally register for a Student visa and collect your Student Visa (GNIB) card. The card costs €300. When you go to the GNIB office at 12/ 13 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2, you will need the necessary documentation.

1) A Bank statement showing a lodgement/ balance of €3,000,

2)  A private medical insurance policy

3)  Your ELA Enrolment letter.

ELA staff will assist you with all of the above. Once the Immigration officer is satisfied with your documentation he/ she will issue you with your Study visa ( Stamp 2 card) . This card entitles you to work while you study in Ireland. The current system allows students to work up to 20 hours a week during study periods and up to 40 hours a week during Holiday periods.

On your first day at ELA we will assist you with the following procedures:-

Step 1: Opening a Bank Account

Please note that the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) requires that all students applying for a student visa for the first time, must present a bank statement from an Irish Bank showing a balance of €3,000, within thirty days of their arrival in Ireland. English Language Academy (ELA) can assist students in opening an Irish personal bank account at Bank of Ireland, 2, College Green, Dublin 2, which is where we hold the College Bank Account. To open a bank account at this Branch, you will need to produce your passport and proof of address. Under regulations released by the Central Bank of Ireland, a valid proof of address is required in order for students to open a personal bank account in Ireland.

Bank of Ireland have agreed to accept a student's medical insurance certificate as a valid proof of address . The Insurance Certificate is posted to your address and you must also produce the insurance certificate and the stamped envelope that it arrived in to the Bank. We strongly recommend that students purchase ACE Medicover insurance which is accepted by the Bank of Ireland and approved as a financial services company in Ireland.

ELA has a School Group Policy with ACE Medicover and can provide students with this insurance in order to ensure a fast and speedy process when opening a Bank Account.

This address that you provide on registration will be used on your Enrolment letter which can be used for opening a Bank Account, for Immigration purposes and at the GNIB office, and for all other correspondence, so it is important to find a permanent address, as quickly as possible after you arrive in Ireland, to help speed up the process. 

Once you open a Bank Account and deposit €3,000, you can then request that the Bank send you a bank statement to the address that is on your Enrolment letter (i.e. your permanent address). The Bank will also send you a bank card. Your bank card and password will be sent separately for security reasons. This documentation may take between 5-10 working days to arrive.

Step 2: The Immigration Office (GNIB)

Once you receive the Bank Statement, you can then proceed to the GNIB office at 13-14, Burgh Quay, Dublin 2. You will need to bring your ELA Enrolment Letter and your medical insurance certificate and passport with you. Simply submit the documentation to the Immigration Officer, and pay € 300.00 for your Student visa card (GNIB). This fee can only be paid by credit card / debit card or by producing a bank giro. Please be aware that the GNIB office does not accept cash, so the fastest way to get your GNIB card is by credit card /debit card.

We are here to help you, so please be assured of our personal service and assistance on your arrival.


The ELA Admin Team

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"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at E.L.A.The teachers and staff are so friendly. My English has improved greatly and I am confident of gaining employment in Mexico in the Hospitality sector. The school is in the city centre,close to all of the attractions.It was a challenge for me coming to Dublin and leaving my home ,family and friends behind,My host family were lovely it was a real home from home.Thank you E.L.A. I will miss you all." Carlos Rodriguez, Mexico December 2014

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