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My name is Weng and I am a student at ELA since April 2016. I am from China and I like my teacher and I love ELA.
Zu​ ​Dong Weng, China


I​'ve​​ studied at ​​E​LA for 2 years. My experience here has been great, the administration is organised, strict( follows rules, which is a good thing and you don't have to be worried about losing your money) and all reception staff are lovely. Also, teachers are brilliant( they make our classes interesting by bringing some documentaries, movies, using different topics for discussion and helping us with interviews, different words, etc​)
Ana Mota, Brazil

​I loved studying at ELA School. It was an unbelievable experience to study there, I'll never forget it. Farewell from a school means saying bye to all the good friends, the teachers, the staff and the school building which we all like so much; It’s always a very emotional moment. School is like a second home and it is hard to find the right words when it comes to expressing your feelings. I had many hours of dedication, hard work, joys and fun as well there. I thank all my respected teachers (Oisin, Noel, Bill, Martina, Elaine and Richard) and classmates (Vietnamese, Venezuelan and Brazilians). I’ll miss you guys! Good luck to each of you and thank you for being a part of my life. Don’t stop learning; “Take a piece of the school with you. (Not literally.) Over time you will have absorbed not only information, knowledge and skills, but also an institution’s values, culture and history. Take that experience and use it to make a difference in the world.” ​Douglas Pereira de Souza Brazil

"Just completed a one month English course at this wonderful school. It is in a great central location. I am returning to Italy with great memories of ELA and Dublin. What a lovely city. I will return….soon!" Albertina Capello, Verona, Italy Feb 2015

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at E.L.A.The teachers and staff are so friendly. My English has improved greatly and I am confident of gaining employment in Mexico in the Hospitality sector. The school is in the city centre,close to all of the attractions.It was a challenge for me coming to Dublin and leaving my home ,family and friends behind,My host family were lovely it was a real home from home.Thank you E.L.A. I will miss you all." Carlos Rodriguez, Mexico December 2014

"I learned English in a short period and I got more confidence to speak. My grammar and speaking had a significant improvement. When I first came I had no English and now I can do anything I want to. I love ELA." Danilo Machado da Costa, Brazil, Nov 2014

"E.L.A. is a very good school! It has helped me in my daily life.I made loads of new friends,Dublin is a great city, lots of things to see and do. When I first arrived my English was very bad ,and now I can read ,write and understand English a lot better.Thank you E.L.A .!" Juliana Lima Pedrosa, Sao Paule Brazil. Jan 2015

"My Course helped me a lot. Before the Course I didn’t speak English at all,now I can read,write and speak English,I can even watch movies in English……Thank You! I was most worried about writing it was a real challenge for me and now I have mastered it and find it very useful .I had some really good times here at ELA and graduated as an advanced student at ELA!" Klelia Zenneti, Brazil, July 2014

"The school is excellent,I have met many people from my country and around the world,The trip to Glendalough was fantastic,and I loved the party nights. My course was really great and my teachers Jonathan and Grace were the best!" Luciano da Silva, Sao Paulo, Brazil. September 2014

"ELA is a very organised school. I am delighted with my success in the IELTS exam, thanks to a great preparation course and teacher. I would recommend this School wholeheartedly." Mohammed, Saudi Arabia November 2014

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